Valentine's day is meant to be a time of innocent love.

But according to relationship experts, February 14 should be dubbed Mistress day as this is one time of year cheating partners are guaranteed to break their partner's hearts and meet their lover for an illicit encounter.

And because I'm working late just won't do on Valentine's Day, experts agree that come the day of love your partner's squeeze will have already received their gift, which will be three times more expensive than the one they give to you.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun Noel Biderman, president of cheating website Ashley, said 79 percent of male cheaters will spend February 13 with a mistress and February 14 with their partner.

He added that men will spend three times the amount on their lover, with 1,110 Canadian members of the website revealing the splash an average $165 on a mistress compared to $55 on the wife.

While mistresses receive items such as sexy lingerie, partners are treated to classics such as a bunch of flowers.

Relationship expert Dr. Bonnie Weil said that 50 percent or marriages experience infidelity.

He said: Husbands or wives who suspect their mates of infidelity should be on the alert because cheating mates tend to meet their lovers a day or two before Valentine's Day for a sexual tryst.