After years of inactivity, it looks like fans may be getting a new “Valkyria Chronicles” game if Sega’s recent actions mean anything. The popular game company has recently trademarked “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria,” which is Japanese for “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution.”

Gematsu stated that the trademark could lead to a brand new “Valkyria Chronicles” game, a series that many fans find underrated. “Valkyria Chronicles” burst into the scene in 2008, when it was released for the PlayStation 3. Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, the game didn’t find a strong fan base in the West and its sequels were released on the PSP.

The series was unique, as it blended “XCOM” style combat, with mechanics seen in Japanese roleplaying games (JRPG). The system was praised heavily, as it offered an intense battle system that really made fans feel like they were participating in a war.

While the series hasn’t exactly made the headlines, there was some buzz made when the first game was ported to Windows PC, according to Destructoid. Thought this could simply be a way to make some extra cash, its also possible that it was done to raise interest in the series again.

For a while it seemed like fans wouldn’t see any more “Valkyria Chronicles” games. When Sega cancelled “Valkyria Chronicles Duel,” a card-based social game for browsers and mobile devices, some fans thought that was the nail in the coffin for the series.

It’s probably worth noting that the trademark could be used for other things that aren’t video games. For all anyone knows, the trademark could be used for a Japanese slot machine, ala the most recent “Silent Hill” announcement.

Whether an actual new “Valkyria Chronicles” game is in the works is currently up in the air and the only one that knows the answer to this question is Sega. Until the company makes an official announcement about a new game or its use of the trademark, all fans can really do is speculate on the future of the series.

“Valkyria Chronicles” is available now on PS3 and PC. The second game in the series is available on the PSP, while the third game was never localized.

Valkyria Chronicles PS3 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PSTrailers)