One company that is starting to capture the attention of investors is Valley Forge Composite Technologies. With headquarters in Covington, Kentucky, Valley Forge Composite has earned a stellar reputation for the development, manufacture and distribution of next generation defection systems. Today, Valley Forge Composite has announced a collaboration project which may help them to evolve into an international power.

Valley Forge Composite has joined forces with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and several Russian Institutes led by P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute for the completion of a collaborative Department of Energy (DOE) Global Initiative for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) project to develop equipment and procedures for detecting explosive materials concealed in airline checked baggage and cargo.

The system was operated and tested on a limited sample size with the creation of data acquisition and a photonuclear signature database along with many other techniques. These techniques detected measurable decay from the radioisotopes formed upon radiation supporting a need for this collaboration.

Leading the way at Valley Forge Composite is Louis Brothers who serves as the company’s CEO. Commenting on the collaboration project, Brothers was quoted as saying, “This was the culmination of a significant research and development effort that impacts several national and world security needs. This Advanced System we call THOR-LVX has the potential to be a technological breakthrough in detection capability and accuracy. Valley Forge was honored to work with some leading scientists of The United States of America and the Russian Federation on this project.”

Valley Forge Corp’s THOR-LVX system has garnered national attention because it is designed to detect nuclear material, explosives and contraband hidden in cargo containers and baggage, even through shielding.

Currently, Valley Forge Composite Technologies is trading in the $2.00 range. With this collaboration project and an array of technology in their arsenal, this is a company that savvy investors will want to consider placing in their portfolio.

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