One company that is starting to gain recognition is Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. With their headquarters in Covington, Kentucky, the Valley Forge has become a leader in Counter-Terrorism technology and has started to made major progress in the sales of their Momentum Wheel Products.

Within these lines of products, Valley Forge is a manufacturer and marketer of breakthrough cargo/baggage and people screening technologies. The company was proud to report the fruits of their efforts with the announcement that they have received an additional order of $2,700,000 for its momentum wheel line of products.

Leading the way at Valley Forge is their CEO Lou Brothers. Brothers is a Co-Founder of the company and has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, marketing support, product management and logistics. He has extensive international business experience having worked in Europe, Russia, and Japan. Brothers is a renowned name in the industry and has gained a stellar reputation as an aggressive leader in the business world.

When asked about the financial success of Valley Forge, Brothers was quoted as saying, “This brings total orders for our momentum wheel line to more than $9,500,000 so far this year.”

Another product on display at Valley Forge is the THOR LVX system which is designed to detect nuclear material, explosives and contraband hidden in cargo containers. The company is also marketing the Odin personal screening system. This system will be used in airports and high security buildings.

Currently, Valley Forge is trading in the $0.50 range and has soared above its 52-week low of $0.08. With the leadership of Lou Brothers and an innovative team, this young company is providing safety to their customers and security for their investors. Valley Forge Composite Technologies is an up-and-coming company that may become a major player within the investment community.

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