How much money will be enough to cause satisfaction in your home-based business? You don't know? That might be a problem.

One of the key components to working from home is the fact that you might have more breakaway time for family than in a traditional job. If you don't have a target figure for income you might not know when to push yourself a little harder or when to let up a bit.

There are instances where at home workers lose income because they are prone to getting sidetracked. They might find themselves spending time on social media sites or engaged in real life conversations with friends and family. It is even possible that they have not priced their work accordingly meaning less income than they really need.

The other side to this scenario is the individual who will push themselves to do more - grow faster - become more efficient. Their life will begin to center around the work they do and little by little there will come a time when virtually everything is a hindrance to reaching their goal of - more.

This is why I asked how much is enough.

If you have a target you will have a much better chance at hitting it. You can begin to push yourself if you need to or give yourself permission to enjoy living if you have been working too hard. By finding a target income level you can begin to pace yourself better.

One of the practical aspects of this target is the fact that by setting a goal you are inviting a sense of contentment. You will have a greater sense of accomplishment if you reach the goal and you may not be as prone to push yourself so hard if it isn't achieved.

Obviously the target you set should be reexamined and adjusted each year (sometimes each month) to allow for growth in your work at home business model.

You should also know there is a difference between contentment and complacency. Contentment is a condition where you are pleased with how things have gone and don't feel strongly inclined to take on more work just to prove you can. Complacency is essentially a place of mediocrity where you may be dissatisfied, but are unwilling to do anything to alter the way things are going in your life. Complacency is a mark of a lack of ambition. Contentment is the successful result of ambition. The two terms are entirely separate even if they sound similar.

I've always been a big believer that you will never be content with what you want until you're content with what you already have. If you can find contentment in your work at home job you will find a greater sense of personal satisfaction with an increase in attainable goals. When you become complacent whatever you do simply feels like a job that you must do in order to earn a living. Contentment invites joy - complacency doesn't believe happiness exists.

Learn the difference between these two terms and it is more likely you will begin to consider the value of a goal with the end result of contentment.

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