Although every company strives to be viewed as flawless and many work hard to attain that valued perception, some still find difficulty in managing every aspect of their reputation. In most cases, monitoring that reputation on the Internet is an overwhelming task and can expend countless hours and require substantial manpower. It's important for businesses to proactively defend and protect their online reputation. Unfortunately, everything from negative comments and reviews to damaging news articles or videos can cause irreparable harm to a company's image. Any business that wants to maintain or restore a positive reputation online should make an investment into an online reputation management campaign.

There is a lot of inherent value in reputation management. Aside from the obvious benefit of the minimization of negative publicity, a strong campaign will also create and reinforce positive brand perception. Despite the influence a reputation management plan can have on a company, many are still unwilling or unable to implement one. It takes time, money and resources to design and deploy a solid reputation management strategy internally. For companies that simply cannot dedicate their own efforts to a reputation management plan, there are Internet marketing companies that offer services to enhance a brand's image.

Any company's reputation should be viewed as a crucial factor in their development and subsequent growth. Many successful business owners agree that success is directly related to perception. While generating or rebuilding a positive online reputation may require time, focused efforts and money; the results of such a campaign are virtually priceless.