The hunt to kill the original vampires is on. After discovering last week that wood from a white oak tree still existed in Mystic Falls, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) are on a mission to wipe out the dangerous original vampires that have been wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls.

Enlisting the help of recovering serial killer, Alaric (Matthew Davis), the men whittle 12 stakes for 12 chances to kill their enemies.  While they begin to plan their attack, Alaric reveals that he wants to turn himself in for killing innocent founding families. Damon and Stefan aren't willing to let Alaric give into his guilt though, and tell him that since Bonnie's herbs are healing him, he needs to stick around to help kill the originals. Damon throws Alaric is magic ring, You're going vampire hunting...wear it.

Alaric isn't the only one that the Salvatore brothers enlist to help kill the original vampire family. Caroline (Candice Accola), Matt (Zach Roerig) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) gather in the woods to learn the plan of attack and get their own white oak tree stakes.

The original vampires have been pretty quiet for the past couple episodes, but Klaus (Joseph Morgan) reemerges when he stalks out his suicidal brother Finn (Casper Zafer) to bring him back to Mystic Falls. Klaus has kidnapped Bonnie (Kat Graham), and plans on using her powers to break the spell that binds the lives of his family. In order to break that spell Klaus needs Finns blood, but Finn would prefer to die.

In usual Klaus manner, he has a trick up his sleeve to change his brother's mind. Finn becomes reunited with Sage (Cassidy Freeman), his love he hasn't seen in over 900 years. After Sage tells Finn that she never stopped living him, the original vampire seems to have a change of heart on his survival.

 With Klaus focused on Bonnie breaking the spell, and Finn catching up with Sage, Rebekah (Claire Holt) decides to seek revenge against Damon for using her. The scorned vampire clamps animal traps on Damon and slowly tortures him. You pretended to be interested in me, she says as she slices him with a knife, Then slept with me so your trampy friend Sage could steal my thoughts. By bleeding Damon out, she is ridding his body of verbane so that she can compel him to kill Stefan or Elena.

While Rebekah plays with Damon, Klaus toys with Bonnie's emotions, and succeeds in getting her to break the bond that ties the original vampires together. As Bonnie is freed by Klaus she catches a glimpse of a suffering Damon, but chooses not to help him after she thinks about how he turned her mother into a vampire.

As Elena and Stefan argue over whether they should take advantage of an opportunity to stake Finn while he is out in town with Sage, or rescue Damon, Caroline keeps Alaric company at the Salvatore's house. Alaric and Caroline's time alone gives him a chance to apologize for killing her father. Caroline forgives him, but realizes that he needs a close eye kept on him so that he doesn't turn back to his serial killer ways.

While Rebekah gets inside Damon's head, causing him to believe that Elena has come to rescue him, a plan to kill Finn is put into place by Stefan and Elena. Stefan slips Sage and Finn verbane and lures them outside.

Elena shoots Finn with stake and his body bursts into flames. It's not until after they kill Finn that Elena and Stefan learn that Bonnie has undone the binding spell.

Klaus does not get to survive this, Stefan tells Elena as he prepares to take down Klaus and rescue Damon. Not after everything he did to me. Before he gets a chance to fight Klaus, Stefan gets attacked by Sage, who wants revenge for her loves death. Even before Stefan has a chance to fight back, Sage begins to falter, coughing up blood. As she drops to the floor, Elena, Stefan and Caroline realize that when an original vampire dies, so does their blood line. Viewers were shocked at the twist which would mean that killing all the original vampires would result in the extinction of the vampire species, including Damon, Stefan and Caroline.

Stefan hides three stakes to kill three out of the four vampires when they figure out whose bloodline they belong too. He approached Klaus with a trade of the remaining for Damon, but Klaus discovers that Stefan has some hidden away. Once again, Klaus threatens to wage a war on everyone that Stefan loves if he doesn't return the remaining weapons.

Unfortunately back at the Salvatore's house, Elena and Caroline realize that Klaus can never die, because if he does, Caroline's boyfriend, Tyler dies with him.

As Damon and Stefan return home to get the stakes, they discover that Alaric's serial killer alter-ego had made an appearance at some point, hiding one of the precious white oak stakes. The hidden stake poses a problem since Damon, Stefan and Caroline's lives are in the hands of a psychotic serial killer.

It wasn't Alarics twist that had viewers surprised though. Elena and Stefan finally talked out their feelings. Even after telling Stefan that she never stopped loving him, Stefan tells Elena that he knows she is also in love with Damon. I just want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you don't feel something for him, Stefan tells Elena.

As suspected, Elena cant refute that she has feelings for Stefan's brother. Viewers will have to wait until April 19 to see a new episode of the Vampire Diaries, but it will be worth it as a preview shows Elena telling Damon, Stefan thinks I have feelings for you.