Despite all the spoilers leaked before “The Vampire Diaries” season four premiere, fans can barely wait the little over two weeks that remain before the show kicks back off. Put those fangs back away, because we have even more spoilers to hold over your “Vampire Diaries” hunger. 

Is Matt feeling a little guilty?

Despite the good intentions Matt had in the season three finale by drugging Elena and attempting to drive her out of town, he is still pretty much the one responsible for her death. Rebekah may have stepped in front of the car causing Matt to swerve off the road, but if he had just listened to Elena and kept her at home she might not be transitioning into a vampire this season. 

“Vampire Diaries” fans already know that Damon is none too pleased with Matt, blaming him for Elena’s misfortune, but it turns out that Matt is also upset with himself. According to TVGuide, Matt’s guilt over her drowning will lead him “to do just about anything for her.” So what exactly does “anything” mean? Helping with her vampire transition by feeding! The question is whether Matt will volunteer to be the breathing blood bag, or if he’ll steal or sacrifice someone else for Elena’s survival.

Elena is ready to kick some butt

Throughout the past three seasons Elena’s supernatural friends have been protecting her weak human self. Now that Elena will be transitioning into a vampire in season four, the eternal high schooler will be taking names. 

“This season is really intense, for me especially because I am a vampire,” Nina Dobrev revealed to E! Online. “I’m getting to kick some more ass. Elena is becoming a tough cookie. Before she used to talk about being independent, and now she has a chance to be.”

Fans shouldn’t expect Elena to be a fierce, independent vampire right off the bat though. Dealing with her untimely death and transition will have her relying on her friends, and more importantly Stefan AND Damon.

Heartache for Caroline and Tyler

Bonnie pulled a fast one during the season three finale and magically put Klaus in Tyler’s body to protect her supernatural friends. With all the excitement going on, Bonnie didn’t exactly take the time to inform everyone of the switcheroo she performed on Tyler and Klaus. Before the switch up occurred though, both Caroline and Tyler were told by their mothers to flee town because the city council knew their supernatural secret. Prepared to run off into the sunset together, Caroline and Tyler’s plan was cut short when Klaus “died” and Tyler started shifting, forcing Caroline to flee, and believing that her boyfriend died. 

Fortunately Tyler is not dead, but just having a bad case of Klaus-itus. When season four kicks off though, Caroline doesn’t know that Tyler is alive...or that Klaus is in his body.
“To Caroline’s knowledge Tyler has died,” Candice Accola revealed in an interview with the CW. “So know she’s on the run by herself and dealing with the death of the love of her life.”

Judging by pictures released by the CW, Caroline will discover that Tyler is still alive and kicking, and their reunion will be a sweet one...until when and if she discovers he’s been taken over by Klaus.

Season four of “The Vampire Diaries” premieres on the CW on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.