With season four of the "Vampire Diaries" a couple months away, fans have time to be pondering a couple important questions -- one being, whose blood sired Elena?

During the season three finale Elena was admitted and then released from the hospital after suffering from a head injury while in the (poor) care of Klaus. Dr. Meredith Fell later revealed that Elena's injuries were far more serious than she let on, and the only way Elena would have pulled through was with the help of the magical powers of vampire blood.

Unfortunately for Elena, she ended up drowning when Rebekah lead Matt to swerve his car off Wickery Bridge, the same bridge that Elena's parents crashed over. Initially awake during the crash, Elena forced Stefan to rescue Matt before removing her from the underwater car. When Stefan returned for Elena it was already too late. It was then when Stefan and Damon learned that they had not lost the human girl they loved, instead they had an eternal love triangle.

Elena's transformation to a vampire this season will have everyone asking the question, whose blood did Elena drink prior to her death? The answer could lead to a disastrous and heartbreaking new season.

The reason why the blood is so important is because Elena will now have a sire bond with that vampire. As we see with Tyler and Klaus, the sire bond can prove to cause some problems. So who will Elena potentially have some sire issues with? According to CW president Mark Pedowitz, it's Mystic Falls favorite bad boy.

"It's Damon's blood which helped [turn Elena], but they never discovered who their sire was in any of the things," Pedowitz explained. "They think it's Klaus, but they're not sure."

As a new vampire, Elena will be relying heavily on the Salvatore brothers to help her transition. The Salvatore's have two different vampire lifestyles. Executive producer Julie Plec revealed to TV Guide that Damon wants Elena to kill her first human just to get it over with. Stefan on the other hand will be attempting to protect her this season, something that doesn't seem to change from the previous seasons.

Do you think Elena's sire bond with Damon will bring them closer together, or drive them further apart?