The CW is ready to hype up fans for the highly anticipated fourth season of The Vampire Diaries. Besides releasing the October premiere date (October 11) for the new season, the CW has also leaked some new additions to the cast.

New to season four will be Pastor Young, April (the Pastor's daughter), and Connor. Each character, while different, promises to bring new challenges to Mystic Falls as the gang moves on from the loses they encountered in season three.

While new characters have been introduced, their casting has been very hush hush. One rumor circulating the Vampire Diaries web is that Secret Circle star Phoebe Tonkin will be joining the cast of The Vampire Diaries.

Show creator Kevin Williamson confirmed that the CW's other supernatural show, The Secret Circle, met its demise at the end of the season. While the show may be caput, Williamson did have his eye Phoebe Tonkin, who played bad girl Faye on Secret Circle.

I want her on Vampire Diaries, reports the show creator saying of Tonkin. I ought to write her in.

With the character April rising from the ashes of last season, it seems as if Tonkin would be the perfect fit.

Spoiler TV reported that the character April will make an appearance in episode two of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries. The teen will become a recurring character as she returns home to attend the funeral of her father, Pastor Young. According to reports, April has been away at private school for the past few years but grew up in Mystic Falls.

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Do you think that Phoebe Tonkin will play the role of April on The Vampire Diaries?