Katherine may have survived having her blood drained by Silas – but it didn’t come without consequences! Episode 6 of “The Vampire Diaries” picked up with Katherine enjoying her newfound freedom … but the world isn’t done with her yet.

Katherine’s Next Step

Feeling lucky about surviving, Katherine enjoys a breakfast feast. But she quickly loses her appetite after discovering a large gray streak in her hair.

Although she’s relatively free from Silas, Katherine is still worried about surviving (especially without any money or vampires to protect her). So Katherine does what she does best – hatches a plan that will benefit her. That plan is to move into Elena and Caroline’s dorm room. Obviously Caroline doesn’t support this idea, but changes her mind when Katherine offers to help her get rid of their Dr. Maxfield problem … in exchange for a roof over her head and Elena’s meal plan card.

Silas (And Tessa’s) Plan

“After 2,000 years of a miserable existence, I finally get to die,” Silas says happily. But fortunately for Elena and gang, he’s willing to keep his word about bringing Bonnie back from the dead.

Enlisting the help of Damon and a crossbow-bearing Jeremy (“Put down the damn crossbow, Pocahontas”), the boys head off to find the anchor – the only thing separating him from his one true love, Amara.

But after 2,000 years Tessa has a few tricks up her sleeve … despite witch Silas using a spell to bind her (and anyone else unlucky to be with her) in her cabin. Luring Elena to the cabin, Tessa uses Elena’s life to threaten Damon to kill Silas before he finds the anchor. And while Damon initially refuses, he realizes that it’s pointless to bring back Bonnie for Elena if Elena is dead.

Setting off to kill Silas before sundown, Damon doesn’t realize that Tessa has one more twist – even if Silas does find the anchor, he won’t be able to destroy it.

The Whitmore Game Changer

Dr. Maxfield may have told Elena and Caroline to leave Whitmore College in episode 5, but with Katherine’s help they may have a second chance. Surprising the professor in his lab, Katherine drugs him, giving Caroline enough time to tie him up. The plan is to drain Maxfield of enough blood that the vervain leaves his system, allowing Caroline to compel him to forget that they’re vampires.

Besides blood, the girls also manage to drain their sketchy teacher of some information. It turns out that Whitmore is looking for “candidates” for their secret society. And the secret society initially wanted Elena … until they began to suspect that Elena was a vampire.

Fortunately, the secret society doesn’t realize that Elena has a human doppelganger, and Katherine manages to get through the doors – helping to send the dogs off Elena and Caroline’s trail. She is feasting on food and flirting with Aaron at the party, but Katherine’s good time comes to an abrupt end when she gets another side effect of having her blood drained … she loses a tooth!

While Katherine freaks out, Caroline manages to compel more info out of Maxfield about the secret society. The society’s called “Augustine” and their recruits are legacy or chosen for their extraordinary talent. As for who killed Megan, Maxfield explains that her death was covered up not because she was killed by any old vampire – but because she was killed by the Augustine vampire. Running out of time thanks to a knock on the door, Caroline compels him to forget that they’re vampires.

But Katherine returns to visit Maxfield later. “I think I’m dying and I need you to save my life,” she tells him.

The Anchor

As Damon searches for Silas, he comes across two travelers. And surprisingly they don’t want Silas dead – yet. According to Tessa, they want the cure first since it now runs through Silas’ veins. But Damon’s not taking any chances of Tessa hurting Elena, and quickly kills the travelers.

With Damon distracted, Silas stumbles across the anchor – and Tessa was right in the fact that he wouldn’t be able to destroy it.

Why? Because the anchor is Amara.

Two thousand years ago Tessa made it seem as if she killed Amara, but Amara was immortal and never took the cure. Instead she locked up Silas and made Amara the anchor, hiding her for all these years.

Turned to stone because of lack of blood, Silas awakens Amara by feeding her the blood of a dead traveler. But Amara is confused and distraught after being awakened 2,000 years later.

“I want to be at peace with you,” Silas tells her, explaining that he took the cure. “I was ready to die with you.”

And while it’s a sweet gesture, Amara turns the tides by stabbing Silas in the neck with a piece of broken glass.

“I love you, Silas,” she tells him as she drinks his blood. “But I’m so sorry I have to be cured. I can’t live another day.”

Stefan’s Return

Stefan was forced to stab Tessa in order to save Elena, and as “Vampire Diaries” fans know, Tessa doesn’t forgive easily. Breaking into Stefan’s room at the Salvatore house, she restores all of Stefan’s memories and pain.

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