We have horrible, horrible news for “Vampire Diaries” fans. The CW series has filmed its last episode for Season 5 … which means viewers face a torturous few months as the show goes on hiatus until Season 6!

Fortunately we still have a handful of episodes remaining until the Season 5 finale on May 15. And to make things a little more bearable, the cast and crew have been Twitter- and Instagram-happy about the final day of shooting.

“The Vampire Diaries Season 5 wraps in 24 hours,” Damon’s Ian Somerhalder posted on Instagram Tuesday. “Holy s*** -- Thank you for 5 amazing seasons!! Sitting with @Julieplec- she thanks and loves you all…”

“And that’s a wrap. Season 5,” Stefan’s Paul Wesley tweeted to his followers.

The posts from Somerhalder and Wesley reveal nothing that could spoil the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries.” But Enzo’s Michael Malarkey did post a few photos on Instagram that potentially reveal where Season 5 is heading – DEATH!

“Last day out in the woods,” Malarkey posted along with a photo. “#TVD #BTS.”

The photo is of a graveyard in the middle of the woods. In between the trees are tombstones – some appearing to look new, others old. Hanging on a couple of the trees are stars, which could be hinting at a connection to either the witches or the Travelers.

Malarkey posted a second photo on Instagram, this one simply captioned: “Sayonara #TVDS5.” The photo displays a statue with marks running down its face that make it look like it's crying or bleeding. While “sayonara” is innocent enough since the season is over, the sad image has fans speculating that Enzo won’t be making it to Season 6.

Enzo’s death in the finale is definitely possible. Especially since “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Caroline Dries previously teased to Zap2it that the finale episode will be “emotional.”

“We’ll get to see a lot of our favorite friends from the past possibly pop in,” Dries dished. “Basically, every place on the show where s*** can possibly go wrong, it goes wrong. Just when you think, oh it can’t get worse than that, it does.”

Part of the potential drama is that “The Other Side” is disintegrating. “Not everybody is going to survive that,” executive producer Julie Plec warned Zap2it. “We’re going to have to say goodbye to some characters that we’ve grown to love over the years.”

Does that mean Enzo is safe since Michael Malarkey is a newcomer to the series? Only time will tell! The Season 5 finale of “The Vampire Diaries” will air on The CW on May 15 at 8 p.m. EDT.