Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have been heating up the small screen as lovebirds Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert on “The Vampire Diaries.” Facing a tough road with many obstacles, the pair only confessed their love for each other at the end of season 4. While they haven’t been together from the start of the CW series, fans have voted in E! Online’s “Best TV Couple of All Time” poll -- and Damon And Elena took home the title!

Delena, as “Vampire Diaries” fans lovingly call the couple, managed to beat out 63 iconic TV couples that ranged from “Friends’” Ross and Rachel, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s” Buffy and Angel and “Glee’s” Rachel and Finn. And while the title may be a great accomplishment, it doesn’t make their relationship any more secure on screen.

In the latest episode, “Handle With Care,” viewers watched as Elena played the jealousy card and ran to Stefan’s side when she thought that he was hooking up with Tessa. It ended up being a trap on Tessa’s part, who mislead the doppelganger as a way to lure her out to the cabin. By the time episode 6 concluded, Elena was back in the arms of Damon, but the idea that the Silas/Amara doppelgangers are destined to be together still looms heavy over Damon.

So, will Damon and Elena manage to last as the “best TV couple of all time”? Or can “Vampire Diaries” fans expect a devastating break up in the future?

“Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec revealed to E! Online that what lies ahead for Delena is “a wicked combination of blissful happiness and terrible romantic hurdles.”

Doesn’t sound too good! And we’ve got a couple theories on what their “terrible romantic hurdle” could be:

Whitmore College

Ian Somerhalder continued that his character will take a “darker turn” and college may be to blame. “Damon and Elena, it’s a tough thing for both of them,” Somerhalder explained. “And it’s the age-old scenario: girl goes away to college, boy is at home, you’re in different places and different spaces. And let’s just get one thing out in the open. He is 177 and she’s 18. We’re talking about some serious cradle-robbing. While she’s a phenomenal young woman, ultimately it’s difficult to maintain this relationship.”

Fans already watched as Elena pulled away from Damon during “Monster’s Ball.” Blaming the deaths of Bonnie and her roommate Megan, Elena’s bent on solving the mystery of Megan’s murder cover up at Whitmore, even if it means putting that before her relationship.


Besides the whole “doppelganger destiny” situation, it can’t be good for a relationship if a girl’s ex-boyfriend is still around.” And unfortunately for Damon, Stefan is his brother.

Calling Stefan the “elephant in the room,” Nina Dobrev dished that there will always be insecurity in the back of the significant-other’s mind. “It’s the same thing for Elena and Damon,” she explained. “He’s pretending to be OK with it, but he can’t unthink and unknow what he heard and what he knows now. It’ll always be at the back of the mind so it will always cause a little bit of tension in that relationship moving forward."

Delena Fans Shouldn't Give Up Just Yet ...

Is there any hope for Damon and Elena to make it out of season 5 intact? A new theory based on Amara and Silas can give Delena fans an optimistic outlook for their future.

For those confused about Amara and Silas, viewers have been putting the pieces of their relationship together for the past two seasons. Amara was Silas’ one true love; however, he was engaged to another woman named Qetsiyah. Silas had tricked Qetsiyah into developing immortality so that they could be together forever -- but in reality he just wanted it for him and Amara, who was Qetsiyah’s handmaiden.

Qetsiyah had punished Silas and Amara when she discovered their unfaithfulness. Killing Amara first, she then locked Silas away with the cure for his immortality -- giving him the choice to kill himself or be forever separated from his love by a supernatural field.

The key to destroying that field and being reunited with his love was linked to an anchor. And as “Vampire Diaries” viewers discovered in episode 6, Silas couldn’t destroy the anchor because the anchor was actually Amara, who Qetsiyah hadn’t really killed 2,000 years ago.

Since Silas took the cure before finding Amara, the pair once again had obstacles keeping them apart. But instead of figuring out a game plan together, Amara did something that completely shocked viewers: She stabbed Silas in the neck and drank his blood, the cure.

“I love you, Silas,” she told him before biting into him. “But I’m so sorry, I have to be cured. I can’t live another day.”

By draining Silas of the cure, she cemented the fact that they wouldn’t end up in peace together. Instead they’d continue to be separated by a supernatural barrier after death -- something that Silas fought to avoid for so many years.

Now the question that remains is if Amara’s betrayal was able to break the “doppelganger destiny” and give Elena and Damon a fighting chance.

Do you think Amara’s disloyalty to Silas was able to break the “doppelganger destiny” curse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.