Have you been hooked on the tasty blood of the ‘Vampire Diaries’ for the past five seasons? The captivating show aired their fifth episode on Thursday that was action packed with drama twists and turns and new character developments. The cast were dressed to impress for this Halloween special titled “Monster’s Ball”

Viewers finally got a chance to know who Nadia, after being introduced to the character at the beginning of the season. What is also shown is the complex relationship she has with Katherine. The two are able to connect on a deeper level. Katherine is still alive despite having her blood drained by Silas under Damon’s plan. So why is Katherine still alive- has she become immortal?

The blossoming relationship that has evolved the past couple of seasons between Tyler and Caroline came to an end with their breakup. So what happens next with Tyler, and where in the world will his character go to now?

IBT Reporter Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss all the unexpected twists of the exciting episode 5, in season 5, of the hit show. Ahead of episode 6 Amanda also revealed some spoilers and what’s ahead for the dramatic cast of characters. One thing is certain; this season will be packed with surprises that will leave fans on the edge of their seat, craving more blood and more drama.