The population in Mystic Falls is growing in season five of “The Vampire Diaries.” While casting news for the coming season has teased the introduction of a lot of new college friends for Elena and Caroline, the latest casting scoop teases a blast from the past for one character.

According to TVLine, “Vampire Diaries” fans will be meeting “True Blood” actress Janina Gavankar this season. For those unfamiliar with the “Truebie” universe, Gavankar played Luna, a shape-shifter who became involved with Sam Merlotte -- and met her death early in season six. Fortunately, the actress will find new life as Tessa on “The Vampire Diaries.” TVLine teases that Tessa is “a beautiful, exotic and self-assured woman who comes to Mystic Falls to rekindle an old flame.”

“Beautiful?” Of course. “Exotic?” Sounds good to us. “Self-assured?” You have to be in Mystic Falls. “Rekindle an old flame?” What?!

Tessa will be appearing in episode three of season five, which executive producer Caroline Dries revealed will also feature a flashback. Although Tessa was not outright described as a vampire, the flashback leads us to believe that she’s not a human.

With the last of the Original vampires leaving town in episode one, we’re assuming that Tessa will be looking for Damon or Stefan. And since Damon and Elena are finally happy, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gavankar’s character was thrown into the mix to spice things up!

Executive producer Julie Plec previously told Entertainment Weekly that the couple will be facing some hurdles in their relationship. “One is keeping a secret from another, trying not to hurt their feelings, trying to make them happy, little things that any normal couple would fight about and then hopefully make up over,” Plec teased of Damon’s and Elena’s relationship conflicts. So could the “secret” possibly be an old flame who swoops into town while Elena is away at school?

Another option for Gavankar’s love interest? Katherine! Spending most of her “life” as a vampire, Katherine is now a human and will be sticking around Mystic Falls. Since “The Originals” is introducing a gay character in its freshman season, it’s possible that “The Vampire Diaries” might try to do the same with Tessa.

“The Vampire Diaries” returns to the CW for its fifth season Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. EDT. What do you think of Janina Gavankar’s casting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.