It’s almost time to welcome back your favorite teen vampires! “The Vampire Diaries” returns to the CW for its fifth season on Thursday, and we’ve got two sneak peek videos from episode 1 to celebrate.

As we previously reported, the season 5 premiere, “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” will find the Mystic Falls gang moving onto the next chapter in their lives … college! Elena and Damon have been enjoying their “passionate relationship” all summer, Jeremy’s been slowly “adjusting after his return from the dead,” human Katherine’s back for help, and everyone’s finally realizing that something fishy is going on with Stefan and Bonnie.

In the first sneak peek clip, “Vampire Diaries” fans can get a look at Delena in full relationship mode. Soaking in a bubble bath, Elena tells Damon that she can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen. And like the good boyfriend that Damon is, he reassures her.

“Well it is,” he tells her. “You’re leaving tomorrow. You’re trading all of this for communal showers and a meal plan.”

With a smirk on her face, Elena asks why he can’t be a “normal boyfriend” and support her. Damon’s response? He'd rather break out the champagne and spend the evening convincing her to stay.

Hot, hot, hot -- Be still our beating hearts!

And speaking of beating hearts … Bonnie still won’t have one when season 5 of “The Vampire Diaries” picks up. In the second sneak peek video from episode 1, Jeremy’s communicating less with the living and more with the dead – specifically Bonnie.

Reading Bonnie’s text messages, Jeremy tells his dead friend, “Caroline says, ‘Get you’re a** to Whitmore, Bonnie. We need you.”

But Bonnie’s still not ready for everyone to know her big secret, and tells Jeremy to just tell her that she’s at the Grand Canyon. Jeremy tries to convince her that everyone’s going to find out that she’s “been dead all summer,” but Bonnie feels that everyone is happy and that no one misses her.

“We’re lucky, Jer,” she insists. “How many people die and still get to talk to their best friends?”

“How many best friends can’t feel each other?” he counters. “I should get going. The freak who faked his own death can’t also be late for math.”

Catch the season 5 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries” when it airs on the CW on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT. What did you think of the sneak peek videos of episode 1, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”? Let us know in the comments section.