Welcome to Portland, Oregon! “The Vampire Diaries” took a road trip in episode 8 in order to find out how to bring Bonnie (Kat Graham) back from 1994 – and so Stefan (Paul Wesley) could continue to ignore his feelings for Caroline (Candice Accola).

The latest episode of the CW series, titled “Fade Into You,” kicked off with a flashback to May 9, 1994. A young Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) was stabbed in the stomach as Kai (Chris Wood) searched the house for. Gravely injured, Jo stumbled into another room to protect her baby brother and sister – twins.

In Bonnie and Kai’s 1994 world it was Thanksgiving day and Kai kidnapped her and brought her to his childhood home in Portland, the same home that he stabbed his family in. Bonnie had sent her magic to present day inside her teddy bear, Ms. Cuddles, but Kai wasn’t letting her go just yet. He had plans for Bonnie – even though Bonnie didn’t know what those plans were yet.

Meanwhile at Whitmore College, Caroline and Elena (Nina Dobrev) were preparing for friendsgiving dinner with the gang. Except the whole gang didn’t show up. Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan and Alaric (Matt Davis) decided to skip the meal – although Stefan wasn’t technically invited – so that they could find search for clues about Bonnie at the Gemini Coven.  Needless to say, Caroline was upset over having her friendsgiving dinner ruined, but the idea of getting Bonnie back changed all that.

Just because Damon, Stefan and Alaric were in another state didn’t mean that Friendsgiving was canceled. Jo, Tyler (Michael Trevino), Liv (Penelope Mitchell), Luke (Chris Brochu) and Liam (Marco James) all showed up for the event. Things quickly became awkward and super dramatic. Liam apologized to Elena after accusing her of lying about helping a student at the Whitmore homecoming corn maze. Jo had switched the student’s chart, saving Elena from having to reveal that she’s a vampire. But that wasn’t the highlight of the dinner – it was revealed that Luke and Liv are Jo’s siblings.

The three explained that they are part of the Gemini Coven. Their brother, Kai, had killed four of their siblings, but his goal was to kill Liv and Luke. Why? Because twins of the Gemini Coven are next in line to be leaders. Since Kai was Jo’s twin, Luke and Liv were a threat to his power. However there was another twist – on the 22nd birthday, one twin absorbs the other and kills whichever one is weaker.

Liv wasn’t happy about the thought of potentially killing Luke – or dying herself. But Tyler decided that he’s not letting her die without a fight. The two hatched a plan for her to seek shelter away from her coven within Mystic Falls.

Liv’s dad had other plans though. Damon, Stefan and Alaric run into him in Portland, but he’s not the chatty type. He used magic to cloak him and Damon to make them invisible from Stefan and Alaric. Liv’s dad was nervous about his son getting out of the world they trapped him in – and he had good reason to be. Damon made it clear that he was willing to do anything to free Bonnie … so the Gemini father figure decided to use magic to kill Jo.

Fortunately Jo was with Elena, who was able to save her with her vampire blood. But Liam saw the whole thing and freaked out. Elena admitted that she was a vampire, and then broke up with him and compelled him to forget. While she did like him, she wasn’t in love with him and willing to drag him into the mess of her supernatural world.

Episode 8 of “The Vampire Diaries” ended with Liv, Luke and Jo’s father disappearing into thin air thanks to his magic. Meanwhile, Kai found where Jo hid her magic – in the knife that he used to gut her in 1994. Even though Bonnie didn’t have magic, Kai had Jo’s and was able to perform the spell in order to escape his prison … all he needed was some of Bonnie’s blood. He stabbed Bonnie in the stomach, and when she woke up he had taken the car to head back to Mystic Falls.