“The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, episode 14, brought good news and bad news to Caroline (Candice Accola). As things progressed with Stefan (Paul Wesley), her mother’s (Marguerite MacIntyre) condition got worse. She wasn’t the only one losing a family member. Elena (Nina Dobrev) had to let Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) leave Mystic Falls.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena helped Jeremy get out of town. They compelled his college acceptance, and then they compelled Jeremy’s principal to get him his high school diploma. After all, it was so he could finally leave the supernatural drama behind him. His friends threw him a going away party and Damon even gave him a joint as a going away present. “Tell your sister, I’ll kill you. Again,” Damon said.  

Later, Elena was mad when she found Jeremy outside with drugs. Then she realized that smoking pot with her brother might be the most normal thing they’d done recently. They couldn’t spend too long bonding, though. Damon called Elena to come down to the Sheriff’s office for an emergency.

After Elena left, Jeremy found himself in trouble again. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) was still on a mission to ruin Stefan’s life via Sarah (Tristan Mays). He forced Matt (Zach Roerig) to bring Sarah to meet him, and Enzo decided that threatening Matt’s mother’s life wasn’t enough. He held Jeremy hostage until Matt agreed to bring Sarah to a bridge to meet him. Luckily, Jeremy escaped with only a few bruises.

Enzo’s idea of “meeting” was actually hitting Matt with a car. Enzo then drove off and came back acting to be a pedestrian. He pretended to be concerned about Matt and fed him vampire blood. Sarah was amazed, but Enzo disappeared right after.

With Enzo on a rampage and the Sheriff’s health declining, Jeremy had second thoughts about leaving. Elena and Alaric (Matt Davis) told him he needed to leave, though. Elena even cheered him up by telling him that he was getting her SUV, and Elena was ready to see him off to the airport. However, Alaric stepped in and suggested she go see Sheriff Forbes.

Alaric dropped Jeremy off at a bus stop because Jeremy wasn’t going to school. He was going to be a hunter. “I can’t confirm if these are actual animal attacks or something else,” Alaric said as he gave him directions.

Jeremy knew that school wasn’t for him. He was a hunter, even if Elena didn’t want him to be. He asked Alaric to tell him if Bonnie ever came back. Conveniently, this exit leaves the door open for Jeremy to return to "The Vampire Diaries" whenever he wants. 

Meanwhile, Caroline decided to get her family cabin ready for her mother’s last days. As usual, Stefan was right by her side. Whether it was fixing up the cabin or picking out books for her mother to read, Stefan was ready to handle anything Caroline couldn’t. “Life isn’t about your final moments. It’s about the moments that led up to them,” Stefan said.

Caroline revealed that she knew her mom asked Stefan to look after her. Stefan assured her that he was with her because he wanted to be. “Because when you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time,” Stefan said.

“I think we both know I never really hated you,” Caroline said. Then Stefan finally kissed her. Unfortunately, the Steroline kiss will likely be Caroline’s last moment of happiness for a while.

Her mother wasn’t having such a great day. Sheriff Liz Forbes remembered the night of Elena’s parents’ death as she was packing up her office. She took out the case file and decided that maybe there was still something to be solved.

Damon stopped by the Sheriff’s office and saw Liz pouring over her old open cases. Luckily, Damon was able to close a bunch of them by revealing that he and Stefan were behind many of them. The Sheriff asked if Damon was responsible for Elena’s parents, and Damon promised that he never did anything to them. Liz revealed that Elena’s mother Miranda left a message for her right before she died. She needed to talk to Liz about something urgent, but she didn’t say what.

The Sheriff wanted to know why Damon and Stefan were both in town the night Elena’s parents died. Their mother died around that time of year, and Damon liked to leave flowers on her grave. Damon looked at the Sheriff’s files and realized that there were no skid marks on the road and the car was packed full of luggage. That wasn’t normal.

Jeremy was able to explain the vague voicemail. His mother called the Sheriff after she found him smoking pot. The explanation for the luggage was a surprise trip to the lake house. That’s where they were headed, but then it was raining and the storm took down a power line on the main road. That was why they were on a back road. There were no skid marks because the roads were slick. The case was closed, and there was nothing supernatural about it.

The Sheriff admitted that she wanted something more. She wanted a reason for their deaths. She wanted a reason for her cancer. “Sometimes really terrible things happen to really amazing people,” Damon said.

“I’m exceptionally ordinary and I’m okay with that. Caroline is anything but,” Liz said.

Damon revealed that he hadn’t been able to go to his mother’s funeral even though he was supposed to write the eulogy. Liz told him to write her eulogy. Then she fell asleep, and Damon rushed her to the hospital when she wouldn’t wake up.

Caroline and Stefan met him there, and Damon told her that they’d make her mother comfortable. That was all they could do. “I didn’t get say goodbye to my mom,” Caroline said.

Caroline was angry that she wasn’t with her mother all day. She didn’t even remember the last thing she said to her. She had wanted to be with her in her last moments on earth, so Stefan taught Caroline how to “live in her memories.” She traveled into her mother’s mind and saw a memory of her mother teaching her how to ride a bike. Caroline asked her mother not to let go, but Sheriff Forbes knew she was ready. When Caroline stepped out of the memory, her mother died.

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