“The Vampire Diaries” loves a good plot twist. One of the sadder story lines from the Season 6 finale involved Jo’s (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) unborn twins. She was stabbed in the stomach, which would seem to kill them. However, Season 7 episode 6 revealed that her twins aren’t quite as dead as audiences thought. While Alaric (Matt Davis) was given hope to be a father, Stefan (Paul Wesley) wanted revenge against the man who took that chance away from him.

The Twins: Alaric meets Jo at the coffee shop, and she starts coughing up blood. He takes her home, and her health quickly starts declining. Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) abruptly explains that a human body can’t handle a vampire soul and she is dying. She seems to look regretful when Caroline (Candice King) explains the circumstances of Jo’s first death.

On her deathbed, Jo remembers that her real name is Florence. “I know you wanted your wife back. I’m sorry I’m not her. I wish I was. She was a lucky woman,” Florence says. He thanks Florence for allowing him to say goodbye to Jo. Caroline watches as he mourns the death of his wife again.

While Alaric is saying goodbye, Valerie turns on his wedding video. The camera was left on after Kai (Chris Wood) arrived, so she hears the witches chanting. She reveals that the Gemini witches weren’t sending Kai to the prison world. They were trying to save Jo’s unborn twins. Valerie does a locator spell to find the twins, but Caroline worries that Alaric is getting his hopes up for nothing.

Valerie sets up a spell with Alaric’s blood. Once the blood reaches the twins' location, the map should catch fire. The blood goes off the map, and Caroline thinks the spell isn’t working. When Caroline goes to clean up the blood, it sets on fire. The Gemini coven gave Caroline the twins. She is pregnant. This also explains how the show will deal with actress Candice King’s real life pregnancy.

Three Years Later: This week’s flash-forward reveals that Caroline’s fiancé is Alaric. Caroline goes on live television and says she has a message for Stefan Salvatore. We don’t get to hear what that message is.

Stefan’s Revenge: Stefan dreams about having an 11-year-old son who suddenly disappears. Clearly, Valerie’s news that he could have had a child is affecting him. Lily (Annie Wersching) sends a formal invitation for Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to meet Julian (Todd Lasance) and offer peace, Stefan knows he has to get his revenge quickly.

Damon doesn’t want to go. He wants to give Julian six months to make it more painful for Lily when he ultimately kills his mother’s boyfriend. However, Stefan isn’t quite as maniacal. He knows Julian is evil, so he wants him dead ASAP.

They go to the party, which is somehow filled with humans despite Mystic Falls being abandoned, but Damon still doesn’t want to kill Julian yet. Damon doesn’t understand why Stefan cares. Stefan refuses to explain, but he can’t let his brother get in his way. Matt (Zach Roerig) comes in with a bottle of Damon’s liquor, and Damon obviously has to snatch it out of his hands. Too bad that’s exactly what Matt and Stefan planned. They poisoned him so that Stefan could kill Julian without interruption.

Stefan attacks Julian and lights him on fire, but Lily comes in and manages to save her love. Julian sits them down for a chat about his time trapped in the Phoenix Stone, which was essentially his version of hell. Every day he had to kill the woman he loved, Lily. He claims that he never lost his sanity. Then he attacks the boys, but Lily gets scared. When she stops her boyfriend, she has the boys leave.

At home, Stefan reveals what happened to Valerie. He explains that Julian beat Valerie until she lost his baby. He knows that it was over 150 years ago, but he still needs Julian dead. 

Damon later admits that he and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fantasized about kids. He said he wanted to be a great father just to spite his own abusive dad. Stefan says that being a father is the only thing he has never done, and he might regret that. Damon promises to help Stefan with his plan to kill Julian in the future.

Julian’s Secrets: Julian quietly tells Beau (Jaiden Kaine) to track down Oscar’s (Tim Kang) car. That isn’t the only thing he is doing behind Lily’s back. When he goes to the wine cellar with Mary Louise (Teressa Liane), he convinces her to feed on a human. So much for the “peace party.”

Later, Julian says that he doesn’t recognize this version of Lily. She says she doesn’t want to see her children dead. When Julian realizes that she is truly angry, he suddenly becomes tearful and says that he is deeply affected by the time he spent dead. He promises not to attack her boys again, but also notes that he needs to feel safe. Julian knows Damon and Stefan will attack again. He clearly has a plan, but we don’t know what it is yet.

Bonnie and Matt’s Discovery:  When Bonnie (Kat Graham) tries to leave Lily’s party, someone asks her where the high school is. He is only focused on the school, so he is obviously compelled. Bonnie and Matt follow him to the abandoned high school where the man walks right by them without acknowledging their presence. A classroom at the school is full of compelled humans who are sitting in the desks with IVs in their arms. They don’t seem to respond to Matt telling them that they’ll help get them out. They're all being compelled, but which vampire is controlling them? 

Elsewhere in this episode:

  • Caroline was a little too happy to help Valerie find a new identity and go into hiding.
  • Valerie was thrilled that Stefan kept her unborn child a secret from his current girlfriend.
  • Bonnie helped Enzo (Michael Malarkey) make Lily jealous by fixing his tie.

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