Ian Somerhalder is a grandfather! Earlier this month “The Vampire Diaries” star broke the news that his new dog, Nietzsche, was pregnant … and on Wednesday, she gave birth.

“I’m a GRANDPA! Am I too young???” 34-year-old Somerhalder informed his Twitter fans on Oct. 2. “My Nietzsche with a little belly full babies-about to wreak havoc in our house.”

Somerhalder rescued Nietzsche from traffic at the new “The Vampire Diaries” stages in late August. “So smart, so beautiful and charming,” the actor wrote when he first took her home. “All a man could ask for in a girl. So happy together.”

After he gave his followers updates on Nietzsche’s condition for the past couple of days, the dog finally went into labor on Tuesday.

“She's in Labor! Aunt @thejram (aka midwife) & Uncle @polivierjr our little Nietzsche girl is about to drop a ton of love into the world,” the grandfather-to-be posted on Instagram. “World please send super-positive energy to this very brave and very scared little girl. THIS ignites even more ISF's vision and the absolute necessity to finish research and distribute SAFE species-specific oral sterilization drugs for dogs and cats! Lets put our heads together and end OVER POPULATION OF THESE INCREDIBLE ANIMALS! Thank you!

Somerhalder’s post led “Good Luck Nietzsche” to trend worldwide on Twitter. He kept his followers informed of her progress a couple of hours later, posting:

“Live from the whelping box In Atlanta! Panting, pushing, contractions –Wow. Make no mistake about it-Ladies rule...Women of every species blow my mind...Incredible what mamas go through! Love to you mamas-all over the world. Jeez.”

After much waiting around, the puppies were finally born on Wednesday. “I’m officially exhausted,” the “Vampire Diaries” star wrote. Being a proud grandfather, Somerhalder showed off Nietzsche’s pups, explaining, “They are here, safe and we’re grateful for all the positive energy you, the world sent our way.”

Somerhalder had some friends help him and Nietzsche along the way … and one of them was none other than his ex-girlfriend and “Vampire Diaries” co-star, Nina Dobrev. Named an "aunt" to Nietzsche’s puppies, Dobrev posted her own photo of the mom and her babies on her Instagram.

“Birthing little Nietzsches … such a beautiful and equally terrifying thing to witness … The miracle of life :) #Wow.”

Informing his followers that Nietzsche and the puppies are happy and doing well, Somerhalder left fans with one more message:

"Nietzsche's puppies are lucky! They'll all find homes but 9,000 dogs & cats are killed in U.S. shelters each day. Please spay/neuter#adopt."