GM-owned Vauxhall Motors announced Friday that the company has extended the 'Lifetime Warranty' benefit to its second owners under the Network Q used car programme.

Coined as the Network Q Lifetime Warranty, the lifetime cover applies to the second owner of any Vauxhall purchased through Network Q that has covered less than 30,000 miles and is under 12 months old. 

This comes as an interesting follow-up after the launch of the Vauxhall's 'Lifetime Warranty' on new cars.

The Network Q Lifetime Warranty is designed to protect our customers against unexpected costs and to give reassurance and peace of mind long after they've taken delivery of their used Vauxhall, said Duncan Aldred, Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors in a statement.

The new car warranty cover includes power-train, steering system, brake system and electrical equipment throughout the life of the vehicle.

However, owners need to visit a Vauxhall retailer annually for a free vehicle inspection and sustain the manufacturer service schedule in order to maintain the lifetime warranty scheme.