Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik has filed for monetary damages against For Him Magazine (FHM) for the sum of Rs. 100,000,000, following their release of two magazine covers featuring the diva naked.

The notice was delivered on Sunday and named Maxposure Corporate Media, FHM chief editor Kabeer Sharma and photographer Vishal Saxena as respondents.

Malik has reportedly posed in the buff, with the letters ISI tattooed on her arm, for the cover of FHM India magazine. Rahman Malik, Pakistan's Interior Minister, has said that the country will take a very dim view of the situation, particularly if the actress has indeed posed in the nude, in which case strict action will be taken. The Minister has also admitted that he has not yet seen the photographs.

Meanwhile, the actress herself has denied posing in the nude. The cover has been the buzz on social networking Web sites since Friday afternoon and there have been, predictably, a number of posts and tweets, on Facebook and Twitter, expressing both humor and anger in fair measure.

Pakistani filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chino, tweeted: For all you clerics waiting to pounce on Veena Malik better have your excuses lined up about why you were looking at FHM in the first place!

Another tweet said: Veena Malik would make a terrible ISI agent considering how much she reveals.

A Facebook comment read: What's all this fauss bout Veena Mallik ? Democracy and a free world,live and let live seems to be forgotten by people. Not your problem or business folks!

This is not for the first time that the actress is at the center of a controversy. She had caused outrage among the more conservative circles in Pakistan for appearing on the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss, in 2010.