Pakistani model and actress Veena Malik is at the center of a controversy over alleged nude photographs of herself on the cover of FHM India magazine's December issue. Malik claims the photographs have been morphed, while the magazine claims they are real.

However, the session's photographer and stylist have now spoken out, confirming the magazine's stance that the session and the photographs are real.

It happened on November 23 at a small studio in Aaramnagar in Versova. I was informed about it a week in advance and I was told that she would be going nude for it. So clearly, the production team of the magazine had discussed it with her. Even on the day of the shoot, she was happy and comfortable with it. There was no issue at all as she was very much willing to do it, Mailk's stylist, Nitasha Gaurav, said in an interview with The Sunday Express.

Veena had agreed for the shoot on an email, with the cover shot being just one of many photos taken that day. She [Veena] really liked the concept and she was very cooperative and comfortable when I shot her. As soon as she gave a shot, she even wanted to see the pictures. It is really hard to tell why this sudden change in behaviour, added her photographer, Vishal Saxena.