Pakistani actress Veena Malik's nude photo on the FHM India cover page has been the hot topic for discussion in both countries in the last few days.

People have been commenting on the issue on TV, in newspapers and social networking sites. Blogs are replete with links to stories about Veena Malik. However, nothing much has been talked about the content of the said issue of the magazine.

What does the cover story say?

In the cover story, Veena reportedly talks about burqa, her family, relationship with India, her cricketer ex-boyfriend Mohd Asif, cricket and her previous controversies. The cover story by FHM editor Kabeer Sharma talks about Veena's boldness and the photo shoot for the magazine's December issue.

Unlike her compatriots, she doesn't build herself up as a modern day savior and she doesn't look to inspire the Pakistani women to suddenly en masse drop their burqas - she is just trying to make a living, Kabeer Sharma wrote.

Oh her bold moves, Sharma wrote: For a lady who hasn't ever stripped off on camera, she is surprisingly at ease at the shoot posing in her knickers and even afterwards when she succinctly wriggles out of them.

It's tough standing on one leg, while trying to cover up with one hand and running the other through my hair - you guys are going to pay for this, Veena reportedly told Sharma during the shoot.