Vendum Batteries, Inc. is a battery technology development company that trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has a pending patent on a non-toxic, carbon-based light-weight battery. Their sole focus is on identifying, evaluating, acquiring, developing and partnering for the commercialization of proprietary eco-friendly power sources. They have filed a global patent for their innovative paper battery. Vendum Batteries, Inc. has their headquarters in El Segundo, California.

The Company’s paper-thin battery contains none of the toxic elements used in conventional batteries. The carbon nanotube and cellulose-based technology makes the battery entirely biodegradable. The battery is primarily composed of cellulose without the use of toxic elements such as mercury, lead, chromium, or cadmium.

The Vendum Battery will be developed from the Company’s current low power capacity. It will accommodate the growing worldwide demand for durable battery power. This is for cell phones, iPods, gadgets, human implants, eventually electrical vehicles, and more.

On Monday, Vendum Batteries announced the appointment of Professor Prabhakar Bandaru as a non-executive member of the Advisory Board. Professor Bandaru joins Vendum’s team as a highly respected member of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at the University of California San Diego. His research and development role will involve advising the board on technical design, overseeing the production of prototype technology, as well as consulting with investors.

Yesterday, Vendum Batteries announced the launch of a new prototype research and development program. The six-month program will create multiple prototype materials and run extensive tests. The results will be used to develop functioning battery prototypes over the next 18 months. They should also take the Company in new directions other than clean energy.

Vendum Batteries, Inc. CEO Fraser Cottington commented, “As a company on the cutting edge of battery technology, research and development plays a vital role in our growth strategy. We are extremely excited about the program and I have no doubt the findings will open up fantastic opportunities for collaborative partnerships. We also look forward to the prospect of developing further intellectual property in the clean energy storage market, including cellulose paper based super capacitors.”