Despite being in power for 12 years and bringing plenty of new schools and clinics to poor areas, Chavez has failed to fix Venezuela's housing shortfall -- currently at 2 million units. That, says critics, demonstrates the failure of socialism in Venezuela, where the 500,000 new homes built during Chavez's rule, about two-thirds by the private sector, is no better than the rate of construction under his predecessors. Not surprisingly, Chavez has sought to take the initiative with a new Grand Housing Mission -- his eighth such construction plan -- aiming to build 2 million new units by 2017 with funds available from higher global oil prices (Reuters).

Three-year-old Leyerly stand at the door of her shack in Las Mayas slum in Caracas behind May 31, 2011. Reuters.



Maria Colmenares pick up her clothes outside her shack in Las Mayas slum in Caracas May 31, 2011. Reuters.



A woman walks with her daughter at Las Mayas slum with Caracas seen in the background May 24, 2011. Reuters.