Always enigmatic and adventurous in its creations, Verdura is

celebrating 70 years of impeccable and daring design this year in


Fulco Santostefano della Cerda, Duke of Verdura, was accustomed to

lavish surroundings and extravagant locales and this is no surprise

seeing the nature of his design. Nothing was too bold, no gem too

bright, and no design too dangerous.

Verdura has seen decades of success, dangling from the wrists and necks

of socialite royalty. How do you start a company in 1939 and see such

staggering popularity? Well, getting your start with Coco Chanel helps.

She first hired him as a textile designer, but it didn't take long for

their compatibility and shared vision to flourish, and soon Chanel had

promoted Fulco to head designer. He was then in charge of the niche

that would eventually send him to worldwide stardom. Creating her

private and boutique jewelry collections lead to the birth of the

Maltese Cross, Verdura's signature motif.

From there, Fulco's own shop could only go up; and it did. Catching the

eyes of the 1940's elite such as Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn

certainly helped things, and today, vintage Verdura designs are

incredibly difficult to come by: once they're found, they're rarely let


Verdura's unique style didn't stop in the collections but continues

right through to the business end of things. Few are lucky enough to

own such impressive pieces, but what about having a Verdura piece made

specifically for you? Custom-made jewelry is truly for those looking

for something available nowhere else. By appointment only, Verdura

offers the chance to choose from thousands of original sketches or the

option of reviving old favorites, and even creating brand new pieces

from loose stones.

Opening to the public in October, the London exhibit commemorates 70

years of excellence and vision. Verdura's prized pieces including Coco

Chanel's Maltese Cross cuff bracelets and the iconic Rapt Heart, a

commissioned piece for Tyrone Power, are on display (some, even, for


With only 70 years behind them, Verdura has been a constant testimony

to high-design concepts and an unflinching dedication to beauty, which

are things that will always be valued. Some things never get old.