Verizon will sell the Google branded Galaxy Nexus for $300 with a new two year contract, but the Google Wallet function will not be enabled because it competes with a Verizon system that does the same thing. Verizon is involved with a Google Wallet like function called Isis, and it uses the same near field communication technology that Google Wallet uses. So much for the pure Google experience.

Many people who use the Android system based smartphones like the Google branded devices because they are free of the manufacturer overlays that get between users and the Android system. In other words, Motorola, HTC and Samsung often add their own software that runs on top of the Android system. Those companies either think Android is too complicated or they just want to get their software in front of people so they get used to it and want to buy another phone that has the same functions.

Carriers too add their own software on Android powered phones. In the Google branded phones, all of this extra software was kept to a minimum because Google makes the Android system and wants to highlight it in their devices. Galaxy Nexus will be the third Google phone after the Nexus One (by HTC) and the Nexus S (by Samsung). Samsung is building the Galaxy Nexus for Google, but won't be adding their TouchWix overlay that is currently in use on devices like the Galaxy S2, another very popular Android phone.

That said, without the Google Wallet function, questions will now come up about what else Verizon might do to the device. Could there more changes the carrier makes to the device before it launches? Verizon has not given a release date yet, but for people looking for the pure Google experience on their Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus will be just a bit short. If nixing the Google Wallet function is the only change Verizon makes to the Android system, people will probably not make a big fuss. There is always the chance that other carriers, like AT&T could eventually get a crack at the Galaxy Nexus, so perhaps if that happens, the Google Wallet function will be available. Tell us in the comments if you are upset about Google Wallet or if you think it's no big deal.