Verizon Communications Inc filed a complaint against Time Warner Cable Inc. alleging that the cable company is airing a misleading ad about its fiber-optic service.

The suit was filed in U.S District Court in the Southern District of New York asks a judge to block the ad, in which an actor posing as a potential customer questions whether he needs a satellite dish to use the FiOS service.

Verizon alleges Time Warner's ad falsely compares Verizon's FiOS service to its own cable offering. It says that Time Warner's ad implies that FiOS requires a satellite dish for television service and can't package together Internet, phone and television service.

An actor states: I get cable, Internet and phone service together. Just to get TV from you now, don't I need a satellite dish?

In some areas on Manhattan in New York, customers can get FiOS service for Internet and phone but not television. Verizon does not have a franchise agreement with the city for it. It partners with DirectTV to offer the TV service in areas where it does not provide television service. Verizon is negotiating to get permission to provide internet, television and phone service.

The suit seeks an injunction to keep Time Warner from airing the ad. It also seeks damages and a follow-up ad to correct the errors.