Luxury Cell Phones: A heated argument at a town hall meeting would not fire up if it were stated that all cell phones by Vertu are high-end models. Since none of the brand's personal-communication devices sell for less than $5,000, it is an assertion that gets minimal argument.

All of these models are handmade limited editions. However, three models head the class due to having fewer units made than typical limited editions - which usually average in the low thousands.

With only 88 produced, the Constellation Vivre is the most exclusive Vertu. The cell phone is made with red gold and has an engraved bezel, black ceramic keys, and white diamonds with a protective stitched-leather backing.

The Ascent TI Damascus Steel model is next with only 100 total units produced, and the Constellation Pure Chocolate is third at 350 units.

No hang-ups: Vertu owners also have access to VIP concierge and other personal services.