For the woman who knows what she wants, works for what she needs, Parfums Givenchy made this new scent: the Givenchy Electric Rose, which simply reflects a woman's uniqueness shaped by time, driven by passions.

Elegant but refreshingly sensual, the new Givenchy Electric Rose simply says it all of your individuality donned with class, style and allure drawn by experience and hard work.

Parfums Givenchy recognizes this glorious phase of a woman's life now firmed with resolve and knows the brevity of her worth with the sophisticated scent of the Givenchy Electric Rose.

Inspired by the fired up individualism of the rock and roll music genre, the Givenchy Electric Rose is a fitting tribute to women and her accomplishments, signifying there is still more to come to those who dare.

Comparable to the persona of its image model, Hollywood actress and fashion model Liv Tyler, the Givenchy Electric Rose magnifies and compliments the inner beauty, mysterious allure, and captivates her many talents.

Liv Tyler, who is the only daughter of rock icon Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, recorded her very first song that accompanies the music video belting out her own version of Need You Tonight originally by INXS.

Givenchy Electric Rose combines the aromatic-floral fragrance that reverberates with the sweet sensual scent of rose, some of anise and dewy green violet. The base mix of cedar wood and pearly musk blends well with the notes of blueberry, lemon, basil and verbena.

Put on this new sensually exciting scent of the Givenchy Electric Rose because you know that you simply deserve the very best of everything.