BROOKLYN CRIMINAL COURT- A veteran Brooklyn high school athletic director lauded in the press last December for surviving a near deadly heart attack while giving a live play by play of a football game on a P.A. system was arrested Thursday for allegedly slapping a school safety agent, police sources told IBTimes.

 Marshall Tames, a 48 year veteran teacher became enraged when a school safety agent refused his request to open a locked gate where his car was parked, about 2:01 p.m., sources said

The school safety agent told Tames she was a one man post and that she could not leave, police sources said.

The veteran coach instructed a student to get the keys from the accuser which is against Department of Education policy.

An argument between Tames and the school safety agent ensued and at the end he allegedly struck her in the face scratching her cornea, according to police sources.

Tames was arrested and charged with second degree assault, he was awaiting arraignment Thursday night.