In the world’s ongoing search for the ideal renewable energy source, it’s beginning to look like the winner may be a dream crop called Giant King GrassTM. It’s a dream crop because, unlike anything else grown on earth, it has all of the properties of a perfect renewable energy source.

The final proof of that came in the form of recently released official independent test results from a large corporation, which does not want to reveal its name because of its leading position in the industry. The tests (conducted at that unnamed corporation’s own expense) confirm that, besides being a low-cost carbon-neutral solution to worldwide energy generation, Giant King Grass can in fact also be used to produce second-generation cellulosic biofuels, such as ethanol and butanol, in addition to biomass-based chemicals. And, unlike corn and wheat sources, it does it all economically and without impacting the food chain, essentially solving the two biggest issues faced by biomass.

Basically, Giant King Grass is a fast-growing, high-yield, hybrid grass that is neither genetically modified nor invasive. Its most miraculous property is its almost unbelievable per-acre productivity, resulting in a potential 40% reduction in biofuel feedstock costs. It can be planted once, and then continuously harvested multiple times every year, yielding up to 10 times the per-acre tonnage of, for example, corn stover.

The fact that Giant King Grass can also be a renewable and economical source of secondary biofuels and chemicals, including bio-plastics and liquid fuels for transportation, is a huge boost for ViaSpace and the biomass industry. Taken together with all its other properties, Giant King Grass seems to be developing into the king of energy crops, opening up a multi-billion dollar global market.

• Carbon Neutral – Giant King Grass absorbs as much carbon as is produced in the power generation process.
• Cost Effective – Giant King Grass represents a major cost-of-production breakthrough, solving a problem that has plagued the second-generation biofuels industry.
• Food Independent – Giant King Grass is a non-food crop, and can be grown on marginal land not used for food production.
• Reliable – Giant King Grass, unlike solar and wind power alternatives, can be efficiently stored and used to produce power day or night, in any weather condition.
• Ready To Go – Giant King Grass is easily used in either natural or pelletized form, integrating easily with well-established existing technologies and facilities.

ViaSpace has been contacted by companies around the world, and is already putting together a project with a major European electric utility looking to economically reduce their carbon footprint.

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