VIASPACE Inc., a clean energy company growing Giant King™ Grass as a low-carbon, renewable biomass crop, today reported that CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen and VIASPACE Green Energy President Sung Chang each visited Singapore to meet with potential business and research & development partners.

Dr. Kukkonen met with Simon Parker, CEO of DP CleanTech, a world leader in biomass power plants with a reference list of 20 operating 100% biomass power plants in China and 30 in Europe. The company has tested Giant King Grass and found it to be nearly identical to agricultural waste such as corn straw and wheat straw which is burned in many of their power plants. According to today’s press release, VIASPACE and DP CleanTech are working together to develop opportunities in China and Southeast Asia for a Giant King Grass plantation co-located with a DP CleanTech power plant.

Dr. Kukkonen also met with a project developer to discuss a proposed 30 MW power plant fueled by Giant King Grass, and with a party interested in converting biomass into a gaseous fuel.

Furthermore, Kukkonen gave an invited presentation at the Bioenergy and Biorefinery Conference which is attended by top biomass researchers from Singapore as well as other countries. The presentation, entitled “Giant King Grass: A Dedicated Energy Crop for Bioenergy and Biorefineries,” is now available to investors on the homepage of the VIASPACE website ( VIASPACE is advancing discussions about potential collaborations with universities and government-backed research institutions in Singapore.

VIASPACE Green Energy President Sung Chang later made a trip to Singapore to follow-up on the 30 MW power plant opportunity as well as initiate discussions on another potential Giant King Grass fueled power plant.

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