Nearly 30% of all the energy used in the world comes from coal, bringing with it all of the associated greenhouse gas and other pollution issues. As world governments find themselves under rapidly growing pressure to move to renewable energy sources, mounting evidence suggests there is only one solution that is renewable, carbon-neutral, cost effective, available 24 hours a day in any weather, and that uses existing technologies and facilities. It knocks out even the cleanest fossil fuels, along with nuclear, solar, and wind power.

The solution is a remarkably fast-growing hybrid grass called Giant King Grass, the sole property of California based ViaSpace, Inc., and it’s the single cheapest green and renewable alternative to coal for electricity. As if that weren’t enough, it can also be used to produce liquid bio-fuels (known as Grassoline), to economically replace gasoline for transportation vehicles. It can even be used to produce natural gas, along with various biochemicals and bioplastics.

The carbon secret behind Giant King Grass is that, in the growing process, it absorbs as much carbon dioxide as is released when it is burned to produce energy, making it effectively carbon neutral. The economic secret is that, even though it is neither genetically modified nor invasive, it grows unbelievably fast, allowing it to be planted once and harvested multiple times throughout the year, continuously for years, making it more cost effective than any other approach. There’s simply nothing else in the world like it.

Perhaps most importantly, it is a non-food crop, and does not impinge upon crop land. The World Wildlife Foundation estimates that between 250 and 800 million hectares (618-1976 million acres) worldwide of additional agricultural land “could be brought into production without encroaching upon areas of high ecological or social value”. With Giant King Grass’s high yield, it would take far less than that, roughly a 5% increase in world cropland, to produce the energy needed to replace all coal being used in the world today.

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