VIASPACE Inc., a clean energy company growing Giant King(TM) Grass as a renewable, low-carbon energy crop, announced this morning that the first harvest of Giant King Grass has been completed and that a new grass processing and storage facility is under construction on company land in China.

Chief Executive Dr. Carl Kukkonen stated, “The grass from this harvest provided seedlings for planting on our new land and is also being used to supply samples for testing and analysis by potential customers such as DP CleanTech and other electric power providers. The new building, now under construction, will process Giant King Grass into pellets and other biomass products, as well as prepare seedlings for the planned expansion of planted acreage.”

A new independent analysis in Europe confirmed that Giant King Grass has excellent energy content (19.2 megajoules per dry kilogram, or 4,585 kilocalories per kilogram– slightly higher than previous measurements). With this high energy content and fast-growing nature, Giant King Grass is a highly productive and economically advantageous crop compared to all other biomass crops. Additionally, Giant King Grass can be harvested in the first year, whereas many other energy crops cannot be harvested until they have been growing for two years or more . “We feel these characteristics together make Giant King Grass very attractive to biomass users, and we are seeing evidence of that in the form of requests for proposals, sales inquiries and MOUs,” Kukkonen said.

Kukkonen recently gave a presentation on Giant King Grass at the Next-Generation Biofuels Feedstocks USA Conference held in San Francisco. The presentation–with pictures of the harvest, new land and building–is available to the public at the bottom right of the home page of VIASPACE’s website

The press release also included a link to a follow-up interview that was published on November 23, 2009 by the DTN Ethanol Center. The interview is available at the bottom of the company’s home page and can be accessed directly at

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