VIASPACE Inc. is a bold pioneer in a brave new world of alternative energy solutions which provide superior environmental impact profiles while offering the potential to eliminate fossil fuels and other contaminating energy sources through its subsidiaries. The company’s subsidiaries each have a specific focus, including renewable energy (VIASPACE Green Energy: non-food high-output agricultural crops for cellulosic ethanol production); alternative energy (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation: methanol fuel cells); and monitoring systems (Ionfinity: mass spectrometry (MS) sensors utilizing soft-ionization which can “sniff” for biological/explosives, etc.).

The Company provided an update yesterday regarding ongoing developments relating to the proprietary Giant King Grass operations, with special attention to the leased site in southern China’s Guangdong province where the planted acreage has more than doubled, to 250 acres, since the projects inception in 08.

Harvests have supplied ample nursery stock for seedlings to support this expansion, which can now theoretically provide enough seedlings to support an amazing 10k acres more of Giant King Grass fields.

Samples from this initial harvest were also sent to prospective partners and clients, and used in product development, resulting in an imminent, as-yet-undisclosed launch of a new Giant King Grass product.

CEO of VSPC, Dr. Carl Kukkonen, noted the superb level of control over the entire process in China, as the Company was able to lease the land, hire personnel, and harvest and manufacture the final product, all in the new company-owned factory.

Kukkonen went on to examine the growing trend towards – and thus demand for – “renewable, low-carbon energy”, and indicated the Company’s intent to acquire additional land in China and abroad.

Kukkonen also mentioned concurrent “confidential discussions” with prospective clients/partners who have plants (with a long-term need for a fuel or feedstock) and, in some cases, land for which the Giant King Grass is ideally suited, which could lead to subsequent activity “with companies from the US, Europe, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries”.

Kukkonen went on to extol the benefits of Giant King Grass, citing its massively high biomass yield, the fact that as a perennial it regrows after harvesting, and can be harvested 4 times per year in tropical/subtropical regions, as compared to other crops, which may require 2-4 years to harvest, ), and noted multiple sources of independent analysis data which validate the efficacy of Giant King Grass as an energy source, given its 7,900 BTU per bone-dry pound energy value and a statistically superior 1.6 cubic feet of methane output capacity per pound in bio-digesters.

Giant King Grass is also perfect for supplementing up to 30% of the intake of a traditional coal-fired plant, and can also be used to make second-generation cellulosic biofuels which do not require food crops like corn for feedstock.