Vicor Technologies Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the commercialization of innovative, non-invasive medical devices and diagnostics. These devices use the company’s patented, proprietary PD2i nonlinear algorithm and software to stratify patients at risk of sudden cardiac death and autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and trauma victims in need of lifesaving intervention.

The company’s CEO, David H. Fater, announced today that Vicor has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. The university is a non-profit liberal arts university and was the first totally private, self-financed university in Ecuador. It enjoys a first-class international reputation that attracts educators from all over the world.

The agreement Vicor now has with the university is intended to further awareness and use of the measure of heart rate variability as a medical diagnostic. The company’s PD2i analyzer displays and analyzes electrocardiographic data to provide a measure of heart rate variability in patients at rest and during controlled exercise and paced respiration.

The collaboration will develop academic programs that advance awareness and use of the measure of heart rate variability to diagnose various medical disorders. This effort may also include study of heart rate variability as measured by Vicor’s PD2i analyzer to identify autonomic nervous system dysfunction in diabetics, the need for lifesaving intervention in trauma victims as a means of facilitating triage efforts, imminent mortality in those with brain injury, and the risk of sudden cardiac death in target populations, including young athletes.