Who do you like this weekend, Victor? I asked, and he told.

At least once a week I'm usually lucky enough to run into Victor in the early morning in front of my building, just as he's getting his cab ready for the day's work. He's never shy about sharing his picks for the weekend's sporting events.

Vic's picks last week were dead on, predicting that the Miami Heat would win on Sunday, the Yanks would only lose the game in the Angels series that had Jered Weaver on the mound, and the Mets would take two of three from their rivals, the Atlanta Braves.

Before I could bring up the Belmont Stakes, which goes off at 6:35 p.m. ET on Saturday in New York's Belmont Park, Vic looked me in the eye and firmly said, Santiva. I'm betting him to place, and I'm putting a wad on it. My buddies are excited about Master of Hounds, but he'll get bet down. You'll have to hit it on the nose to make money off that horse.

Leave it to Vic to ignore the big story in the Belmont race: Animal Kingdom trying to avenge his loss to Shackleford in the Preakness.

What about baseball? Vic suddenly became preoccupied with the rear fender of his cab.

Do we care who the Mets are playing? he said to the ground. What--the Pirates? Does anybody care about this series? I like watching Dickey and Gee pitch, so I'll tune in, but anything less than a sweep would be embarrassing for the Mets.

We'll see what the Yankees are made of after those games against Boston, he said after a pause. Cleveland hasn't looked good lately, but I'm betting against the Yanks whenever Ivan Nova's on the mound, until further notice. When will Colon fall to the earth? I don't know--maybe Saturday against the Indians. I pick Cleveland winning two of three.

The weather had been so hot, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about something cold...like hockey. Victor wasn't big on the idea of the Bruins closing out the Stanley Cup Finals during the next two games in Vancouver.

I've enjoyed seeing the Canucks get their comeuppance--that was a horrible cheap shot they gave Horton--but I don't see them rolling over and playing dead for the rest of the Finals, said Vic. They'll win on Sunday. Not big, but they'll win.

And with that, Vic jumped in his cab and sped off.