Who do you like this weekend, Victor? I asked, and he told.

At least once a week I'm usually lucky enough to run into Victor in the early morning in front of my building, just as he's getting his cab ready for the day's work. He's never shy about sharing his picks for the weekend's sporting events.

Last week he got it all wrong, picking the Mets to take two out of three games in the Subway Series, losing only the game R.A. Dickey threw for the Mets. That was the only game the Mets won. He picked Astrology to place in the Preakness Stakes. Astrology showed. And in handicapping a horse race, guessing close is as good as being way off.

But we have a fresh weekend in front of us, and I was interested in how he thought the two local baseball clubs might fare in the next three days.

The Mets are reeling, Vic said. And the Phillies have the best rotation in baseball. They'll get swept.

The Yankees should sweep the Mariners, even in Seattle, but the bottom of their rotation is inconsistent, he added. I'm going with the Yanks taking two of three, with Burnett losing their first game tonight. But I ain't staying up for it--the game starts after 10 p.m.

Vic muttered about the Heat buying an NBA championship as he ripped out the orange parking ticket that was plastered under his windshield wiper.

What do you think Danica Patrick will do in her last Indianapolis 500 before jumping over to NASCAR?

She won't finish in the top ten, he said matter of factly. No disrespect for her, but she never showed herself to be an elite formula driver, and that's why she's going over to NASCAR. We'll see how that goes for her.

And with that, Vic jumped in his cab and sped off, in search of a pit crew.