Few couples in Hollywood stand the test of time and prove to the world that true love does exist. One such rare couple is fashion designer Victoria Beckham and her husband, David. Married for an impressive 17 years and bringing up four kids, the Beckhams have survived divorce and cheating rumors for years.

Victoria recently showcased her 2017 spring/summer collection for the New York fashion week (NYFW). The 42-year-old mother of four was quick to praise her footballer husband at the event. She told ET Online, “I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for David. He really is an incredible husband, wonderful father. I feel very lucky and incredibly blessed.”

The former member of Spice Girls shared that David ensured the children would do their homework, eat dinner and go to bed on time while she was busy working for the NYFW. “We’re a really, really great team,” the fashion icon claimed, “I absolutely couldn’t do anything that I do creatively without having that support at home. He’s wonderful!”

Surprisingly, Victoria and David’s 17-year-old son Brooklyn attended the show with his parents. Brooklyn is an up and coming photographer specializing in taking photographs of celebrities. “He’s great! He’s got a really good eye, he’s very, very passionate about what he does,” Victoria said about her son.

Brooklyn Beckham recently split from 19-year-old Chloe Mortez after enjoying a summer romance. The heartbreak didn’t stop him and his three other siblings – Romeo, Cruz and Harper – from penning a heartwarming note to their mother wishing her good luck.

The fashion designer shared that, after the fashion week, David will be away from work and she will be taking care of the kids.

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