News & Trends: While many celebrities have given their name to fashion, very few follow through. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has given more than just her name and actually wears clothes from her new line, the Victoria Beckham Collection.

According to the designer, Every woman who wears these dresses can have great posture and look great from every angle... Victoria has been practicing what she preaches, wearing designs from the collection herself.

Presented during a private showing as part of New York Fashion Week Spring 2009 black, navy, cream, cobalt, and flesh-tone. Each dress is a modern take on a classic look and features immaculate detail designed to contour the shape of a woman.

Victoria Beckham is a notorious style icon and the new collection brings her personal style to the world. Each dress is a complete outfit in itself and pairs perfectly with the sky-heels favored by the fashionista.

The dresses each have an elegant name and are available in different colors to help give every one a sense of individuality. The structured dresses are both sexy and refined at the same time, hugging the figure but hitting below the knee, a contrast to the mini dresses that populated the runway this season. Different fabrics create an edge, while a belt or other detail defines the waist and creates the hourglass figure every woman strives for.

The collection will be available worldwide beginning in February, with sizes range from 6-14, and are available from $1,200-$2,800.