The Cleveland Browns granted a special wish to a five-year-old boy on Saturday when they allowed him to score a touchdown during a scrimmage. Ryan Encinas had a 40-yard touchdown run during the team's family night scrimmage.

Encinas is a cancer survivor from Cuyahoga Falls. When he was two years old, doctors found a tumor in his left lung. Aug. 2 marked the two-year anniversary of Encinas being in remission. He is still forced to take precautions, however, getting full-body scans every three months for the next three years. When he was initially diagnosed with the disease, Encinas was given just a 40 percent chance to live.

“I don’t know if you can comprehend how amazing that is,” Angela Bozic, Ryan’s mother said, according to “This is a kid who underwent all that treatment, who suffered surgery that left him with half of a lung on his left side, who has undergone so much. It’s amazing.”

Encinas entered the game that was seen by over 20,000 people at FirstEnergy Stadium. He went into the huddle and took a handoff from Brandon Weeden, and the Browns defensive players allowed him to run into the end zone.

“He couldn’t do the things he wanted to do growing up, but to have this moment in front of these fans in this stadium, I’m getting chills right now,” Barkevious Mingo said. “I’m sure it meant a lot to that little kid.”

Below is the video of Encinas’s touchdown run.