We spoke about this topic a few years ago, but lost in the multitude of obfuscation about inflation by the government, is the Vulcan mind trick our corporations are playing on us, in terms of packaging - especially in the grocery aisles.  Indeed, I noticed the first 59 oz plastic bottle of orange juice just yesterday.  After all, 59 oz is 7.8% less than 64 oz and what's 7.8% inflation amongst friends?  Especially if you can pull the wool over the many who don't pay attention.  I am sure our government statistics will overlook this minor issue - because as long as prices don't go up, who cares if you get 5, 10, 20% less product. And really is it important? After all government says food and energy are too volatile to really care about measuring - just move along, no inflation here.

ABC News did a quickie 2 minute story on this last night.  Make sure to turn your peanut butter jars upside down to check for hollowed out bottoms. ;)

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