A grenade attack in a central square in Liege, Belgium has left at least two people dead and about a dozen injured on Tuesday.

The first video footage of the scene in Place Saint-Lambert has surfaced online now that police have secured the square. The video (below) clearly shows a body lying on the cobblestone street. This is believed to be the attacker.

The cause of death is unknown, and various news outlets are reporting different things. One of Belgium's biggest papers, Le Soir, is reporting that the man died in explosion, while other outlets said the attacker committed suicide.

Some early reports suggested that there were multiple gunmen, but that has not been confirmed. Liege prosecutor's office spokespersons have so far only said that there were explosions and gun fire and that people were injured.

Video after the jump.

The Telegraph's first footage:

The next video show police evacuating Place Saint-Lambert. Taken from the roof a building, the footage gives a good overview of the area, which is quite large and full of stores and people. Around 1,800 buses stop in the square each day.