Paul O'Neil, much like Paul Volcker, is definitely a man who speaks his mind.  While we never know the exact story behind the curtain the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury early in George W Bush's first term, apparently ruffled many feathers by his 'truthiness'.  That doesn't sit well in a town like Washington D.C. but remains an admirable quality.  I rarely see him on CNBC nowadays, but he was on Friday to commemorate 9/11.  That takes up the first 3 minutes of the interview, but probably more interesting is his comments on the current environment.   He doesn't hold back - no surprise there.  He actually mentions the same point I have been making - how ironic it is we are raiding the revenue sources for (an already empty) Social Security lockbox with these payroll tax cuts.   Along with quite a few other statements that show why this man had a very short half life in a town like D.C.

7 minute video - email readers will need to come to site to view