A Republican lawmaker completely lost it on the Illinois House floor in Springfield on Tuesday, tossing papers into the air and screaming as he explained why he was opposed to how his colleagues were dealing with a bill about the state pension system.

A video posted by the Illinois Tea Party on YouTube shows Rep. Mike Bost of Murphysboro erupting over how he and other lawmakers were expected to accept a last-minute plan backed by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Speaker Michael Madigan - Senate Bill 1673 -- without having any time to read it.

These damn bills that come out of here all the damn time, come out here at the last second, Bost, screamed, as his colleagues awkwardly looked on. Every year we give power to one person. It was not made that way in the constitution.

After he had some time to calm down, Bost provided some context in an interview with local radio station WLS-AM 890.

With all due respect to Speaker Madigan, he's been here for 40 years. He's had his finger on every bit of this that's been the pension enhancements, the shorting of the pension payments, all of the things that have occurred that have caused this long-term indebtedness to the state of Illinois and which could cause the collapse of these pension systems. So yeah, I'm frustrated, I'm extremely angry, Bost said.

Bost added that Illinois Democrats reached out to him after his tirade, saying We want to say this but we can't because the power he spoke of controls their elections.

Madigan believes the bill would save billions of dollars by making schools, rather than the state, responsible for funding teacher pensions. Critics of the bill argue it would financially cripple downstate schools, according to The Huffington Post.