A nice series of videos with 4 powerhouse economists (this is where I insert the joke that if 4 economists are in the room, we should expect 7 opinions).  Americans will be very familiar with the progressive Stiglitz, and the now infamous Roubini.  Joining them is the former chief economist of the IMF Raghuran Rajan who had a very impressive interview on CNBC last October (which I never posted to the blog but you can see it here), and a man who at this point most Americans could only wish for as a central banker, VY Reddy.  Unlike the Greenspan's and Bernanke's of the world who claim the bubbles (which they create) are not something they can see.... and that they can only fix the bursting bubbles after the fact, Doctor Reddy was pushing against the easy money bubbles as they were creating, helping India avoid massive financial damage seen in the West.   He stood up to private bankers who were furious that a central banker would not be their drug dealer in chief, but in the long run he worked for the people - not the bankers.  What a concept. [Dec 28, 2008: NYT - How India Avoided the Crisis]

All together about 35 minutes of interviews