During the 4th quarter of last night's rout of the Utah Jazz, Lamar Odom of the Lakers hit a running one-hander over the backboard while heading out of bounds.

Everything was going right for the Lakers last night during their 120-91 clobbering of the Jazz including this prayer of a shot by Odom.

Odom's highlight is all the more impressive since he was fouled on the play. After the game, Odom expressed how happy he was to have provided some excitement during the blowout game. That's just fun, Odom said. It was good to get the crowd on their feet.

Long-time NBA fans will no doubt remember a similar shot by Boston Celtics legend Lary Bird, one of the many highlights from his storied career.

Another night in the NBA, another incredible highlight. Maybe they're onto something with that Where Amazing Happens ad campaign.