A mixed martial arts fighter suffered a horrific broken leg 13 seconds into the first round of a bout, and the video has now gone viral.

During a match in the Panama Fight League, two fighters begin their bout and grapple. One is picked up and as he comes down his left leg is snapped below the knee. The injured fighter begins to writhe in pain immediately and fight is soon stopped.

Based off the extremely graphic video above it is unclear who the fighters are. However, based on the results from the league’s 15 Ultimate Combat Challenges by Sherdog, the injured fighter could be Jahir Copparopa.

In the latest challenge back on June 28 of this year, Copparopa’s bout with Edgar Pineda Marin ended in a TKO in the first round after the doctor stopped the fight. Dating back to 2007, no other fight in the league has ended with a doctor’s stoppage.

MixedMartialArts.com also has a record of the fight ending in the first round due to injury.

Copparopa’s age is unknown, but he is designated as a middleweight and has lost all three of his amateur fights. The stoppage was the second fight of Marin’s career, and his first win.